​ Finding the correct property or building for your retail business is essential if you are to attract customers to your storefront. The retail professionals at Acarai Properties are a collaborative, strong team and have helped a number of retailers expand into new markets. With their knowledge of local industries and premises, they can help position your company for maximum sales.

Our retail real estate professionals provide all of our clients with in-depth research to support vital location decisions. Shopping centers equate to a large sector of retail property in North America, but you also have to consider open-air configurations, regional malls, hybrid centers, mixed-use developments, residential developments, stand-alone retail buildings and special-purpose retail properties. Often, our clients find the endless possibilities overwhelming, which is why our experts are on hand to provide you with the information and insight you need to make the right decision for your business.

We'll provide you with both GIS-formatted and historical research, before carefully crafting your retail lease to support your business’s growth. At Acarai Properties we’ll also consider NNN expenses and polished tenant improvements.

A full-service solution

However, we offer more than just location research and lease support. We believe retail real estate should take into account development, signage, strong adjacent tenants, access contingencies and competitive restrictions. But why do we offer these solutions? We have seen first hand how less-desirable neighbors, security concerns and parking issues can impact the overall traffic to a retail store, and we don't like to see our own clients suffer the same fate.

Collaboration between owners and tenants

At Acarai Properties, our retail real estate service also extends to property management that builds solid relationships between the tenant and the landlord. Our team will guide the owner through the acquisition and disposition process, and will help you assess whether your tenant is successful in your property or building. All of this knowledge ensures a strong working partnership between the two parties.
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