Management Services


Acarai Properties offers a full-service management for all major types of commercial real estate. This includes general property management for commercial rental properties, portfolio and project management, and assorted related services.

Modern commercial property management frequently entails a near-endless supply of headaches and nuanced concerns that can trip up even the savviest of builders, investors, renters, or developers. By working alongside the Acarai Properties team, you can offset many of your risks and headaches and transform commercial real estate into a passive or near-passive income stream.

Here are a few of the advantages of working with Acarai Properties:

• Insight into local markets
​ • Development strategies
​ • Detailed property assessments
​ • Consistent compliance with laws and regulations
​ • Minimized exposure to liability
​ • Superior network of real estate professionals and contractors

Acarai Properties leverages a history of expertise in all major forms of commercial real estate in combination with a firm understanding of our clients’ goals and expectations. We offer customized, tailored management plans designed to help you or your company meet your goals, whatever those goals or your resources may be.

Our understanding of the markets, government, contractors, and industries relevant to the management of commercial properties allow us to provide superior service to all our clients. To find out what we can offer you, contact us today. ​



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