Property Sales

​ ​ Acarai Properties’ team of property sales professionals has a network of contacts in the industry to help ensure that our clients get the results they want. By bringing these connections to bear our specialists can institute targeted capital placement and exploration, utilizing their background in:

- Recapitalization strategies, such as debt placements, equity sales, and hybrid structures
​ - Due diligence support, market research, and underwriting
​ - Valuations of both existing investments and acquirable assets

For many years now the team at Acarai Properties has worked hard for our clients, establishing the value and equity of their property. As a result, we are one of the most respected firms in the country with a record of excellence.

Acarai Properties’ property sales services include:

- Golf & resort properties
​ - Handling affordable housing and LIHTC
​ - Auction operations
​ - Dealing with corporate capital markets
​ - Handling dealership capital
​ - Healthcare
​ - Hotels and hospitality
​ - Institutional holdings
​ - Investment holdings
​ - Fabricated structures
​ - Multi-family real estate
​ - Client portfolio servicing
​ - Sale-leasebacks
​ - Senior living housing
​ - Student living housing

At Acarai Properties we use thoroughly vetted market intelligence, transaction training, along with targeted execution and solid connections to anticipate trends in the industry and get the most out of your investment. By integrating our property sales expertise with our lending capacity, Acarai Properties has developed respectable speed when it comes to handling our clients’ diverse business needs and cultures.

Every one of Acarai Properties’ sales agents is focused solely on maximizing the sale of our clients’ holdings. Consequently, our team is uniquely qualified to assist and support your efforts as you sell your residential and commercial property. Thanks to our industry expertise and understanding of the market, we have cultivated a long list of satisfied clients. The value of our services is revealed in the positive experiences of our clients and the happy faces of the people who purchase the properties we facilitate. ​ ​ ​




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