​ ​ Whether you’re a land developer, a builder, an investor, or an expanding business, there comes a time when you may face the unique challenges and pitfalls of land acquisition and assemblage. Finding the correct lots and pieces of property for a given client can be challenging under the best of circumstances; making sure the final assembled site meets all needs and expectations requires even more insight and experience.

The complexity of land acquisition and assemblage arises from the many factors one must consider when assessing a site, purchasing property, and assembling parcels for development. In addition to the basic challenges, you’ll need to navigate the various special considerations for commercial development, multi-family development, and single family development projects.

By working with the experienced agents of Acarai Properties, you can rest confident that the acquisition and assemblage of land for your development project will proceed smoothly from beginning to end. Whether you’re beginning with only a vague understanding of your needs and goals or have a detailed blueprint for your project, we’re ready to work with you to achieve satisfactory results. Our acquisition and assemblage services include:

• Site searches
​ • Acquisition
​ • Assemblage of parcels
​ • Evaluation of sites
​ • Location screening

We pair these services with a tailored understanding of your goals, relevant real estate markets, and bureaucratic hurdles to your project’s success. Working with our team puts the information, expertise, and tools you need for successful investment at your fingertips. In addition to our experience with land acquisition and assemblage, our general understanding of commercial real estate ensures appropriate support in the face of the unique challenges of industrial, commercial, and multi-family development projects.

To find out more about our land acquisition and assemblage services, or to inquire about the other commercial real estate services offered by Acarai Properties, contact us today. We’ll be glad to explain our process and discuss all your real estate needs. ​


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