Effective real estate brokerage requires keen insight into the motivations and goals of everyone at the table. That’s why Acarai Properties’ familiarity with the ins and outs of every aspect of commercial real estate gives us an edge in every negotiation and discussion. By understanding your individual needs and goals for investment, as well as the intentions and interests of other parties, we offer a strategic advantage in pursuing your interests and achieving your real estate goals, whatever they may be.

Our brokerage services encompass all major commercial real estate types, including:

• Office • Industrial • Retail
Multi-family residential

To best serve our clients, we emphasize a thorough understanding of your interests and intentions, so that we can offer optimized strategic and tactical advice. Our brokerage services include:

• Analysis
• Appraisal
• Research
• Sale facilitation
• Purchase facilitation
• Leasing management
• Property management
• Auctions

If you have additional needs, Acarai Properties Guyana will work with you to determine the ideal approach to achieve your goals. Our breadth and depth of experience and expertise in commercial real estate leaves us uniquely equipped to handle the many challenges our clients may face, whichever side of the table they may be sitting on.

If you’d like to learn more about our brokerage services, or would like to inquire about our other commercial real estate services, contact us today.


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