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​ At Acarai Properties we employee a team of decorated valuation experts and appraisers with an extensive network of industry contacts, ready to provide you with reliable residential and commercial real estate appraisal services and advice. Our expertise extends to advisory and valuation services in regards to financing, dispositions, financial reporting, litigation, and acquisitions, all tailored to the specifics of your particular industry.

We provide a welcoming and comforting service while at the same time adhering to the “Thirteen Elements of a Quality Study” outlined in the IRS Guidelines and Rulings. You will receive honest, targeted and sound advice that fits the complexity, size, and industry focus of your property or project. As a group of personable professionals, we offer an extensive suite of services that include reputable counsel in due diligence, risk analysis, financing, balance sheet reporting, dispute resolutions and IPO listings. Acarai Properties’ valuation services represent our proud record of providing sound and sophisticated advice concerning debt decisions and real-estate equity in both the local and global markets.

By using real-time market data, our capital markets experts and research, and years of experience providing clients with expert advice, here at Acarai Properties we have made a name for ourselves in a variety of fields including:

- Advisory services
- Property valuation
- Property tax services

No matter if you are a portfolio owner, an investor or lender, having the support of a firm with our wealth of industry knowledge and expertise is essential when it comes to either developing a global portfolio or managing your investments in a rapidly changing business climate.

Acarai Properties' Valuation & Advisory Services is founded on a team comprised of licensed, experienced, and qualified appraisers who have the knowledge to guide you through the data and the insight to make the information matter to you.

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