Advisory Services

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Acarai Properties offers a full selection of commercial real estate advisory services. Modern real estate can be quite difficult to navigate without the experience and expertise of specialists on your side, even if you’re working towards fairly modest goals such as a good leasing arrangement. Even the simplest processes in real estate offer any number of pitfalls into which even an experienced professional may fall, wasting time, money, and resources.

By combining our thorough understanding of commercial real estate, our careful attention to our customers' needs, and the best modern tools and techniques, we can provide you or your organization with advisory services for endeavors such as:

• Acquisitions
• Maintenance
• Management
• Disposition
• Development

Our services encompass all major types of commercial real estate. This includes real estate for industrial purposes, real estate to be used as office space or for retail locations, and multi-family residential spaces such as apartments. Nearly any challenge pertaining to these areas of expertise can be circumvented or minimized with the assistance of the team at Acarai Properties.

If you’re looking to make the most of an investment opportunity, need help with due diligence or compliance on a real estate transaction, or want competent experts to look over the terms of a commercial lease agreement, contact Acarai Properties today. ​



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